Tricks On How To Get Child To Sleep In Own Bed

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September 28, 2018
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Tricks On How To Get Child To Sleep In Own Bed

Get Child To Sleep In Own Bed
Getting kids to sleep is a battle. And getting them to sleep in their very own bed? Well, that is a whole different ball game altogether! Whether you co-sleep or have a kid who just refuses to sleep in his bed, it may be time to take drastic steps Here are some easy tips to encourage on how to get child to sleep in own bed :

Start Early

Yes, it can be heartbreaking to put a howling baby or toddler in his bed. But, in the long run, it is the best you can do for your baby. So, don’t wait till your kid is a ‘little older’. The sooner you start, the better it will be. Work on a schedule and stick to it. Once your kid is sleeping in his own bed, don’t let him crawl back to ‘your bed’.

Teach Independence

If your kid cannot fall asleep without you around, slowly teach him to put himself to sleep. If he needs you to lie with him to fall asleep, try sitting on his bed instead. Slowly move to a chair and then gradually remove yourself from the room completely. It may take a few days (or weeks) but it will work in the end.

Stick To A Routine

No means no, even at 2 in the morning! So, if your kid wanders into your room and demands to sleep with you, say no. Walk him back to his room and help him fall asleep again.


Don’t expect your kid just to know it is time for him to make the transition to his bed. Talk about it. And don’t pick bedtime to negotiate! Let him know what’s coming in advance. He too needs to prepare for it! Getting child to sleep in own bed can be done by soft communication.

Take It Easy

For your child, sleeping on his own is a big step. Don’t rush it. Take baby steps. It may take weeks, but if you rush it, your endeavours are more likely to fail.

Shower Him With Love

Most kids look forward to bedtime for their daily quota of love each day. So, cuddle him, hug him, shower him with kisses – do all that you can to make your child feel loved and protected all through the day. This way he won’t miss the cuddles at bedtime.

Close The Door

It may be tempting to keep the door to your kid’s room open, in the hope of offering him emotional support, but it is a sure shot recipe for disaster! Close the door. All the noise, lights and shadows can keep your little one awake till late.

Use Incentives

So you want me to sleep alone? What’s in it for me?’ That’s what is going through your kid’s mind! So make the whole ‘sleep in your bed’ a big deal. Offer incentives like stickers, small toys, a favourite meal – anything to tempt him into sleeping alone!
With these simple tips, you can now encourage your child to take his first step towards independence. He may cry and throw a tantrum now, but in the years to come, he’ll thank you!
Don’t worry! Sleeping in his bed will not scar your child for life. But it may make him a strong, independent person. So, get the ball rolling today!