Tips To Teach Toddlers To Hold A Pencil Correctly

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Tips To Teach Toddlers To Hold A Pencil Correctly

Teach Toddlers To Hold A Pencil

Do you want to teach your toddler the correct way to hold the pen-cil? Do you worry that your toddler might be gripping the pencil wrong? If you can relate to the above situations, than this article may be of help.

Teaching toddler to hold the pencil is no walk in the park. The seemingly easy task can prove to be a difficult one if you force your toddler to hold the pencil in a particular way. Therefore it is imperative that you teach your toddlers this skill at the right time and in the right way. Here are a few simple lessons to help you teach your toddler how to hold the pencil right:

The Three Finger Rule:

Technically the grip requires the use of two fingers and a thumb. The tripod grip is another name for this technique and is the Ideal way to hold a pencil. Users usually grip the pencil with the support of the thumb, middle and index fingers. Teach toddlers to grip the pencil by applying equal pressure from all fingers.

The Long and Short of It:

Begin the writing lessons using a small pencil. It is easier for toddlers to write with short pencils. The short pencil length allows better grasp as toddlers have to pinch their fingers together to hold the pencil firmly. It is a good idea to introduce the long pencils later.

Pressure and No Pressure

Most toddlers find it difficult to apply the correct pressure while using the pencil. If the pencil lines are not visible or light, they are not applying enough pressure. But overdoing it can lead to pencil lead breakages or paper tears. Teach them about applying the cor-rect pressure while using the pencil once they master the grip. Teaching too many things at the same time may prove to be con-fusing for your toddler and frustrating exercise for you. So it is ad-visable to teach your toddler one step at a time to right perfectly eventually.

Time it Right

Teaching to use the pencil at the right time is also extremely im-portant. Or else it might become very difficult to make toddlers un-learn the wrong grip and than start the lessons from the scratch. Ideally introduce your toddler to the art of holding the pencil when he turns 3-3.5 years.

Make it Fun

Learning begins at home. Therefore parents can do a lot to make learning fun for their toddlers. It is the best not to make pencil-gripping or writing exercises tedious by forcing your toddler to learn the technique overnight. Initiate lessons when your toddler is in a good mood. Let him explore the writing tools before you begin the lesson. Watch and observe how he is holding the pencil without any help. It will give you an idea of how much work is in store for you.
Some toddlers use the tripod grip to hold a pencil or crayon and scribble effortlessly. But most toddlers hold the pencil in their fist and scribble away. Compare the tripod grip to a bird’s beak and demonstrate to your toddler how it can hold the pencil. Such com-parisons can be fun for toddlers and can help retain their attention longer than usual.