Smart phone addiction: Cure for Children

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August 8, 2018
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August 20, 2018

Smart phone addiction: Cure for Children

Smart phone addiction: Cure for Children
Smartphone addiction among children is the new villain. Did you know that phone addiction has an official name? It is “nomophobia” and it has caught on. However there are proven ways to help children overcome smartphone addiction.


You may not be aware of it, but music is the only activity- known to mankind- that can fully involve a child’s attention, arouse his/her interest and at the same time increase the IQ. It is the number one antidote to phone addiction. It has even therapeutic effects. There is no better gift you could ever give to a young child than a genuine chance learn inspirational music from a music teacher. Any person of any age will benefit from learning music, but the children benefit the most. It is estimated that one hour’s worth of practice can accomplish in a child what would take an adult 8 hours or more to master.


Youngsters are full of energy, and that energy, if not channelized, can be destructive. But if ever that energy is genuinely harnessed into sports like cricket, football, badminton, or even martial arts like judo and karate, that energy can yield fruit. Plentiful, abundant, rich, lasting fruits. If all the energy your child has been ever invested into learning one particular activity that is the choice of both the parent and the child (both must agree), your young prospective genius could really become a genius in reality. Every child is a genius. The parents need to be given the divinely blessed moment to channelize that energy at the right time in the right direction.

Spend Time with your Kids

If your kids are spending more time with their cell phones than with you, something is missing somewhere. And the problem may not be with your kids. The problem may be with you. Do you prioritise your kids into your life? Do your children matter enough to you that you spend quality time with them on a regular basis? Your children will be young only once. Take this full opportunity to win your child’s heart for a lifetime by showing them thatyou genuinely care for them by being with them on a regular basis. The importance of this cannot be exaggerated. Simple as that.

Ban Cellphones and Gadgets during Meals

During a meal, a family is together, united, sharing something in common and enjoying each other’s company. Even if this might not be practical, it’s worth a shot – ban all cell phones, tablets, laptops and similar items during mealtimes. Time with family is sacred. Even if there is a genuine crisis in office, take the timeout to be with your family at least at mealtimes. You will find that your performance at work will actually improve once you take more rest. So spending time with your family could, actually, be the best way to advance your career!

Get Away from Smartphone Yourself

This simple fact is actually the most obvious but also the most overlooked aspect of this entire process. Children imitate their parents. It’s no joke. They do whatever they see their parents doing. If you spend time busy with office work, cell phone calls, and being open to constant interruption as a daily hazard of life, your children will see that. They may often never do what you tell them, but they will definitely do whatever it is that they see you are doing. Children learn by example. Not by any amount of words.

Enforce rules regarding Smartphone use before buying it

Before buying the smart phone for your child, make sure that you lay down the ground rules to which both your kids and yourself should agree.

  • Smart phones will not be taken to school, or to social gatherings where people are supposed to talk to each other instead of being absorbed in the gadget.
  • Smart phones will be switched off after 8 pm every day.
  • Smart phones will not be kept in the children’s bedrooms during the night.
  • Smart phone password will be shared with the parents.
  • If there is a decrease in grades or school performance due to increased use of the smart phone, it can be confiscated by the parents.
The smart phone, is obviously smart, but it is up to us to use it in smart ways, in ways that are beneficial to us. Let it not rule us, let it be just the tool that it is intended to be.