How rhymes and music contribute to child’s development

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March 19, 2018
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April 3, 2018

How rhymes and music contribute to child’s development

How rhymes and music contribute to child’s development

A significant amount of time at schools run by Raah Edification – Sesame Street Preschool and Globe Tot’ers, Mohali – is devoted to rhymes and music. Simply because children of all ages enjoy music! Rhymes and music play an important part in a child’s development as well and it is better if we pay attention to making it an essential component of their curriculum.

Music connects hearts; no wonder, the grown ones like to sing and dance too. We all like to express our feelings through music at times. Play a little catchy music close to your infants and you will see how they sway to it even at such an early age.

They even bounce and move their hands in response to it and this is why children in our elementary schools are put through choirs and music classes. Trying to understand and practice musical notes paves way for conversations, helps them form friendships and enables them to share feelings among their peers. Infants are able to recognize melodies and beats and they particularly response well to high pitched, soft voice of their mother. This is why every parent tries to make up one or two musical lines about bathing, or eating or dressing up. It is fun way to learn these activities.

When we play songs and melodies in the presence of toddlers, it helps them form words and also memorizes things. This also improves their motor skills by encouraging them to move their hands, clap and tap objects with the rhythm playing before them.

Do you know why our preschool children are made to learn and listen to nursery rhymes and songs or music about their favourite toys or animals and play activities? This is because it makes them better learners and they grasp things more quickly and recall them faster.

And of course as they grow up, music takes a special place in their life. It’s a big possibility that your child develops a keen interest in a musical instrument. This not only helps them develop the creative side of their brain but it has been proven scientifically that such students develop exceptional level of intelligence over time.