Brain development and stimulation for toddlers

Psychology Test

Childhood psychology is a specialized branch of traditional psychology that focuses on children, mainly their development and behavior. It is one of the most commonly studied types of psychology today. This type of psychology typically covers every child, from birth to adolescence. Some areas covered under childhood psychology include milestones, behavior problems, social skills, mental and emotional well being and development.

Today, the debate about whether children are born good, bad, or indifferent is still something of a minor debate for some. What we do realize, however, is that childhood is a very influential time in a person's life. Events that happen in a person's childhood - even small, seemingly insignificant events - usually have a direct impact on how that person feels and acts as an adult.

Kids Education

Raah is all about the tangible learning experience. In a world where kids are told not to touch things, the Raah app says, "Yes! Please touch!" Kids can trace numbers, learn about size relationships, colors, consonants, read books and more, all on a tablet. A free trial is available online.


Healthy Kids, we are passionate about nutrition for kids. Children have their own unique nutrient needs and meeting those needs is vital for a child to grow up big and strong (and healthy)!

A child’s diet should consist of a variety of foods that contain a range of nutrients.

  • Nutrients
  • Drinks
  • Five Food Groups
  • Guidelines & Advice
  • And more!

Plus, read our advice on what to say and what NOT to say when talking to your kids about nutrition!

Cognitive Development

A child's cognitive development during early childhood, which includes building skills such as pre-reading, language, vocabulary, and numeracy, begins from the moment a child is born. A child who enters school without these skills runs a significant risk of starting behind and staying behind.

Different cognitive skills are acquired as a child meets certain developmental milestones, but a child of any ability will benefit from activities that promote active learning.