passion to learn and educate

10 Ways to Promote Your Child’s Cognitive Development
August 16, 2017
Raah Edification organized event “Rang Manch” associated with Globe Toter’s – A Birla PreSchool
January 19, 2018

passion to learn and educate

Education is a tool which has immense power to change the world. And with this in mind, RAAH Edification, a startup, has been formed to educate the children and empower them. The vision of RAAH Edification is what it literally means ‘path to building, growing or nurturing something.

RAAH Edification is a concept, a vision, a dream wherein the passion to learn and educate is the guiding principle. Education is a tool which has immense power.

To educate, to train, to unfurl young minds to use their knowledge to change the world, to be curious, to think intensively and critically—RAAH Edification is a startup which has been formed with this sole aim behind its inception. The vision of RAAH Edification is what it literally means ‘path to building, grow- ing or nurturing something.

In the next five years, RAAH shall strive to achieve its many goals that it has set for itself. “We will be setting up a research centre, especially focussing on young minds, we would be starting a magazine focusing on importance of pre-school education. We shall be either starting our own play schools or tie up with national/international brands who share our passion and vision. We intend to be a one-stop place for all the requirements needed for the cognitive and holistic development of a child, be it education, nutrition, extra-curricular activities and many more,” says Ruchi Pant, the director of RAAH.

Ruchi Pant feels that while a lot of schools teach facts, what the small, impressionable minds really need to learn are the values. As children grow up, they may forget the facts, they may question the learnings but they will never forget or question the values that have been deeply rooted in them. “In order to prepare the children for tomorrow, the preparations need to start today. And that is exactly what RAAH strives for. The dreams are big. The challenges are many. But the will to excel and realise the goals is sufficient to keep us going,” concludes Ruchi Pant.