Effective Tips To Deal With Sleep Talking In Kids

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August 29, 2018
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Effective Tips To Deal With Sleep Talking In Kids

Effective Tips To Deal With Sleep Talking In Kids

Are you worried about your child talking in sleep? Don't worry as it is very common and is found in most kids.

According to doctors about 10% of the kids have the habit of talking while they sleep, at least for a few nights each week. Some kids tend to talk very clearly while some just mumble. Sleep talking will not harm your child. With the right care your kid will soon come out of it.

Why Kids Engage In Sleep Talking?

Kids engage in sleep talk during their early stages of deep sleep. There are two reasons that causes child sleep talking:-

  • Over Excitement- If your kid is over excited about something, like a promise of a favourite toy or a visit to his/her favourite play zone, it could lead to sleep talking.
  • Worry- If your kid is worried about something, like a class test or a tough match, it could also lead to sleep talking.

In most cases, you will not get a reply from your kid when you engage in a conversation while he/she is sleep talking. Also your kid will not remember anything about it the next morning.

Even though there is nothing to worry about the sleep talking in your kid, you might still want to try following measures to help your child refrain from it.

Follow Regular Sleep Habits

  • Make sure that you make your kid follow a regular sleep routine every day.
  • Have a sleep schedule with fixed time to hit the bed and wake up.
  • Maintain the same pattern during weekends and vacations.

Allow Enough Sleep Time

As a responsible parent, you need to know how many hours of sleep are needed for your kid.

  • Make sure you wake up your kid after he or she has had a fair share of sleep.
  • A well-rested kid is less prone to sleep talking.

Active Day Equals To Good Sleep

If your kid has an active day, it means he will have a peaceful night.

  • Allow him to be involved in outdoor games during the daytime.
  • Motivate quiet activities like colouring or arranging puzzles at night as it will help him sleep peacefully.

No Heavy Meal Before Bedtime

Do not offer food to your kid just before his bedtime.

  • Offer dinner to your kids, 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Discourage consumption of snacks or large meals right before bedtime.
  • Never allow him to have caffeinated drinks before hitting the bed.

Ensure Comfortable Sleeping

Make sure that your kid is comfortable while sleeping.

  • Your kid’s bedtime clothing must be loose and airy.
  • The blankets must be tucked neatly while taking care that it does not restrict the movement of your kid.
  • The room temperature must not be too hot or too cold to sleep.

Woken Up At Midnight

If your kid has woken up in the middle of the night, motivate him to soothe himself to sleep.

  • Do not sing or rock him to coax him to resume sleep.
  • This would make him expect you to be on his side when he wakes up in the middle of the night.