How to develop Motor Skills in Children

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March 13, 2018
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How rhymes and music contribute to child’s development
March 29, 2018

How to develop Motor Skills in Children

You want your kids to have super control over their actions, reflexes and movements. These are called motors skills and it is essential we learn how to develop them in our children. Well, the first thing that you can do is make them practice, and then make them practice some more. In most cases where parents are trying hard to develop motor skills in their children practice does miracles. And it doesn’t even have to be anything too fancy or complicated. Did you know that the following fun activities can actually develop super fine motor skills in your children? You should try:

  1. Popping bubbles on a bubble wrap that you get with online orders. Tell them to just use their index fingers and thumbs
  2. Using eyedroppers to add food color into your cake batter or muffin crème toppings
  3. Finger painting
  4. Solving Puzzles
  5. Playing Video games
  6. Tracing shapes or letters with a stencil
  7. Playing Legos or building blocks

Isn’t this an interesting way to promote hand-related skills as well as enhance their motor capabilities in the simplest and most fun manner? You can provide your child with a broad variety of materials that he can manipulate and change as his imagination directs.

At Globe Tot’ers Mohali and Sesame Street Preschool Mohali, we are making really intelligent choices include building blocks, interlocking magnets, Tinker Toys, and construction straws to help children in developing motor skills. We use modeling clay, paste and glues, markers and crayons and construction papers and coloring books and sewing cards and many other crafts that come with directions on how to use and make interesting things out of them. By doing these we try to encourage fine motor skills and Parents can also do something extra like –

  1. Teach your children how to pick up small items with their thumb and forefinger. You can start with baby wipes and then move on to games that have switches and knobs to grab and twist
  2. Train your toddler in their picking and dumping tasks. These are very basic things to do and this is one chore that they will enjoy the most
  3. This activity takes integrated muscle movements, cognitive reasoning, and concentration to compete
  4. Help them understand how to stack things over one another
  5. Gives your child the stability of the hand and wrist so that he can place blocks with control them as well
  6. Encourage their creativity. Yes, you can enable your little kids to make marks with crayons at just 15 months and scribble by the time they turn 2
This not only helps them become more active but also piques their interest in more creative things, thus making them defter in limb movements and control.