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Birla Education Trust

Birla Education Trust began in 1901 when Seth Shiv Narain Birla started a tiny village Pathshala for the education of his grandsons Shri Ghanshyam Das Birla and Shri Rameshwar Das Birla alongwith 30 other village children in Pilani. The Pathshala gathered strength and evolved to become a High School in 1925 and an Intermediate College in 1928.

About Globe Tot'ers


Birla Edutech Limited has embarked on a journey to revolutionize education in offers a comprehensive solution for education right from the formative early years to the challenging university years. Globe Tot'ers-A Birla Preschool celebrates the importance of these formative early years by providing a strong and sure start to Birla Edutech's journey of bringing back creativity and the joy of learning to the education spaces. We believe that all our learners are unique and therefore need unique learning experiences and dynamic learning environments to thrive in the 21st century.

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